About us

Who We Are

Yellow kingdom network (YKN) is an upcoming Network that specialises in African themed children’s entertainment. Yellow Kingdom network is an establishment that promotes African culture and values, by socialising the African child through entertainment with African toys and dolls, animated stories, story books, and African themed products.

What We Offer

Toys and Dolls
African Themed Animated Stories
Story Books
Products and Accessories
Our Vision

Our vision is to give every African girl a doll that they can relate to, a doll that captures the beauty and sophistication of African women.


Our Mission

Promote African culture and values while thoroughly entertaining the African child with global standards.


Our Goal

To design and create most entertaining children’s network and products that upholds the African culture


Who is African girl doll?

African girl doll comes out of a character from an African bed time story “The clay princess”, commonly known as Kamdothi in Malawi. As a doll, she comes in different shades of skin and hair and she represents the diverse beauty of all dark and light skinned African children and she is proud of who she is. The African girl doll comes in six names and characters drawn across Africa


CHICHI is a fashion designer and an explorer. She travels across Africa looking for inspiration for her fashion designs and for the hidden mysteries from the past, and how that can inform her present fashion. She also blogs about life on the continent. She designs all outfits for her doll sisters. Chichi will show you the beauty Africa is as she explores her continent which is her play ground. Follow her stories and what she is up to. Chichi hosts a show called Doll project runaway where she show cases her designs and outfits and other dolls are her models


ALMAZ Is a musician, she accompanies Chichi on her trips across Africa to get inspiration for her song writing and music composition. She holds shows and loves travelling too. She is stylish and loves fancy outfits for the stage. She is totally awesome.



SAVANNA is an entrepreneur, own an art gallery, she makes movies and loves travelling across the African continent to find her own inspiration. She is totally amazing! She would love you to visit her art gallery. 



TUMBIKA – is a Chef and lifestyle guru. She is into food research. She loves travelling and discovering African cuisine and other foods. She has her own Tutu cook show. Visit her on the website and learn more of what she is up to. She wants you to eat health and lead a healthy life style. Join her for skipping ropes competition she is going to host and other totally amazing stuff she has lined up for you




RUTENDO is a model. She models for Chichi on her  doll-project runaway. She works closely with Chichi to come up with fancy outfits for the runaway. Her other friends too join her on the fun. Follow her on social media and internet to discover the unlimited world of fun coz girls just wanna have fun



AKECH is a story teller, teacher and reporter. She writes and tells fireplace stories. She works closely with savanna to make movies. She hosts writing competitions and covers the news, she will tell you everything you want to know about your beautiful Africa




What is African girl doll all about?

Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. You are a princess on a journey to your throne and nothing and no one can stop you if you believe in yourself. Your crown is your will power. Wear it gracefully and join the rest of the African girls to win the future!!!!!