Is a story of Chichi a girl who was molded from clay. She grows up struggling to find her place in society, she has a lot of unanswered Questions until she takes a journey into the wild and there she discovers who she is. Through all her hardships as a clay child, Chichi beats the odds and becomes princess of the land.


Is a story of a cloud princess who is very mean but learns her lesson and becomes humble when she goes on a self-discovery journey? Being a princess does not mean you have to be mean and heartless, but it means you have a duty to serve others.


Is a story of a young orphan girl who suffers injustice at the hand of her stepmother, but she keeps calm and humble.  With her good manners, she wins the approval of the elders of her kingdom and they choose her to be the crown princess of the Maravi kingdom. Sometimes life can take us down but we must be still and see in each day something nice to look forward to