Shopping Guide

Shopping guide

Why woud you consider buying from this site:

  • The convenience!
  • The world-wide selection!
  • The savings!
  • Comparison shopping can be more thorough
  • Avoid physical exhaustion or burning feet
  • Great convenience if you are handicapped
  • Save gas and wear on vehicle – or bus tickets and transfers – or (gasp!) expensive taxi fares!
  • No embarassment if you change your mind at the last minute!

How can you buy from this website

Congratulations! By being on this page you are on the right path to buy online from this shop…the Yellow Kingdom Network promises ultimate security for your online purchase. The steps below will take you through to get a product from the Yellow Kingdom Network…

  • Browse well on our website for what you want to buy.
  • When you move a mouse of a product you can:
    1. Enlarge the picture;
    2. View the product details page; and
    3. Directly add to cart.
  • You can also add to cart by clicking add to car button below the product on the shop page
  • You can view items you have added into the cart by clicking on the cart link in the main menu, or the icon in the top bar;
  • You can decide to update the cart by adding more products or removing some;
  • When satisfied with your order in the cart, click “Checkout” button
  • You will be requested to select your option for shipping your product and a cost and expected delivery date will be displayed
  • A total payment cost will then be displayed
  • You can then click on payment
  • You will be requested to enter your information for communication and also where to send the order;
  • You have an option to have the information saved in the system or have the information used for that particular order only
  • Upon completing the form you click “continue to payment”
  • You will be directed to an extremely secure PayPay payment site where you can make your payment for the order
  • Upon successful payment processing, your order will be confirmed with an automated email
  • Keep this email as proof of purchase.
  • Sit back and relax waiting for further communication and delivery of your order.